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mommy and corinne summer

Hi everyone,

My name is Jenn and I am a stay at home mom to 3 wonderful kids (Matthew, 10, Corinne, 6, and Cassidy, 8 months). My life is extremely hectic with 3 kids! We seem to always be doing something! My son is an awesome athlete, which means that we are at a field or a school for some sport all year round! I absolutely love watching my son play sports and consider myself one of the loud moms at all his games! My middle daughter is into cheerleading and gymnastics (just like I was in my younger years). So during football season we are at the field all day since my daughter and son are on different levels! My littlest one luckily goes with the flow (like she has a choice) and is extremely happy!

I absolutely love being a mom and decided to create this blog to share my experience and expertise with all of you! This blog is about all the ups and downs of parenting, in addition to other topics including pregnancy/childbirth, child development, essential oils, and co-parenting! My goal is to help parents realize that their are no “perfect” parents, but imperfect parents doing their best for their kids! Through this blog, I also help parents discover various learning activities for different ages. My blog will also help parents to come up with various strategies when it comes to discipline, developmental delays, potty training, and education. I also have an A.A. in education and a B.S. in Psychology.

I am so excited to share my blog with all of you! Please contact me if you need any parenting advice, information, or just want to leave feedback! I would love to hear from you!

Thank you so much for reading my blog!



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