How To Potty Train Your Child

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Potty training your child can be an extremely exciting time and extremely frustrating at the same time! It’s an exciting milestone for your little one to finally be almost out of diapers! Think of all the money you will save! However, it can also be frustrating. These tips to help you potty train your child will definitely help make this time less frustrating and help you potty train your child in less time.

I have potty trained dozens of kids (including my own) so I have tried and seen everything! So guess what, you are in luck! You will hopefully learn from my mistakes and learn the best and fastest way to potty train your little one! I am also in the process of writing an ebook titled “Potty Train Your Child in 7 Days” so stayed tuned for that! The ebook will go into more detail about how to successfully potty train your child in 1 week! This post will concentrate on the basics as a guide to start the potty training process!

Potty Train

Is Your Child Ready to Start Potty Training?

This is the first question to ask your self before you begin the potty training process. If you start before your child is ready, it will take that much longer and your child will be resistant to use the potty. Your child will most likely start to show signs of being ready somewhere between 2 and 2 1/2 years old although some child may be ready before or after this time frame. I’ve known kids to start potty training at 18 months but that is not the norm. Some children do not show any signs till they are closer to 3 so just keep that in mind. Some signs that your child is ready are:

  • Stays dry for an extended period of time.
  • Shows interest in the potty.
  • Doesn’t like having a wet/dirty diaper.
  • Wants privacy when going in his/her diaper.
  • Asks to sit on the potty.
  • Doesn’t want to wear diapers anymore.

Throw Away Those Pull-ups!

I do not like pull-ups for potty training! They are just glorified diapers! The only difference is that they are less absorbent and you are able to pull them up and down. Your child will likely treat them like a diaper, so save your money!

Invest in a Little Potty and a Potty Seat

When your little one is showing signs of being ready to use the potty, invest in a little potty and a potty seat. Some kids are resistant to sit on the big potty of the fear of falling in. Having these 2 options for your potty beginner will give them control over where and how they will start to use the potty.

Underwear is the WAY TO GO!

This is my best piece of advice! Take your little one to the store and let them pick out their own big kid undies! Keeping them involved in this process and having them feel like they have control over this will definitely help potty train them faster! When your little one shows any of the signs above, put them in undies during the day. This will help potty train them much faster! Your little one will not like feeling wet if they have an accident in their underwear. I also suggest that you just keep them in underwear with out pants on at first. Your little one may have a hard time getting everything off when it’s time to go!


I suggest reminding your child every 30-45 minutes to use the potty. If they don’t want to use the potty, DO NOT force them! This will just prolong the potty training process.

Create a Potty Chart

I did this with my children as well as with the preschoolers I potty trained! I created one for you that you can use too (I created one for a Spiderman Potty Chart for a boy and an Elsa Potty Chart for a girl)! Hang your potty chart in a place where your child will see it! Have your child pick out special stickers that they will use to put on their potty chart every time they go potty! Another suggestion is to have some sort of incentive for your child for when they go a day “Accident Free” such as ice cream, a small toy, or candy (something they don’t usually get or a special treat). When my children were completely potty trained during the day (nights will come but that takes much more time) I bought them each a big kid bike.

Consistency is KEY to Successful Potty Training!

In order for potty training to be successful, you must stay consistent. Once you start potty training, there is no turning back! If you child is in preschool or you have others caring for them during the week, make sure they know your plan on how you are potty training them so everyone is on the same page. I have seen children regress because there is no consistency either at home with other caregivers or at school.

Accidents Happen and That’s OK

Accidents will happen frequently in the beginning and that is perfectly alright! Accidents are a part of learning. Make sure not to get upset if your child has an accident. I know it can be frustrating in the beginning if they are having more accidents then successful potty trips, but if you get upset they may keep having them. You don’t want them to feel ashamed with having accidents. When they have an accident, bring them into the bathroom and explain that this is where they go potty. You can even try having them sit on the potty after an accident.

You Got This Momma!

Potty training can be very frustrating and extremely time consuming in the beginning, but I know you got this! You will get through this and rock potty training with your little one! If you need any support while potty training your little one please don’t hesitate to contact me! I am here for support and any assistance you may need. Also, keep an eye out for my ebook “Potty Train Your Child in 7 Days”!

6 thoughts on “How To Potty Train Your Child

  1. Cassandra

    I don’t have kids yet, but this info will come in handy one day if I do! I remember when my littlest brothers and sisters were potty training – this post has so many helpful tips!

  2. Patty Gordon

    I think Potty Training is more about training me than my little kid. Is it really that hard for me to remember to ask my son if he has to go every so often? YES. Yes it is! I don’t remember with my now 6 year old it being this hard to remember, but with my 3.5 year old, it’s been about a year since we started to train mostly because I wasn’t remembering to be on top of it, not him failing.

    The key for him though was having Karate Lessons that wouldn’t let him go to if he wasn’t potty trained. He learned in about 3 days with that motivation! Underwear too were the key as well. He picked out Minions and super heroes and a odd chance to “pee in the woods” during a trip to the lake made it all feel even more special.

    Thanks so much for posting this at the #Alittlebitofeverything link party. I’ll definitely send my potty training friends to this post!

    1. Post author

      Thanks for commenting patty! It is hard for us to remember. I know a lot of preschools that require your child to be potty trained as well.

  3. Rachel Osborn

    I like to use pull-ups in the beginning because I don’t deal well with constant wet undie
    accidents! We do a little of both…and then for nap time and nighttime. Because I don’t deal well with changing sheets either, lol! I need to train my two year old, but she is stubborn and started throwing fits when I tried to make her sit on the potty. Or she would just pee on the floor and I would have no idea until hours later because it happened in the two second I turned my head! Ugh, not a fun time, but thanks for the tips!! And thanks for joining the Family Joy Linkup!

    1. Post author

      Thank you for commenting Rachel! Some kids can be very stubborn! I said when it was time to potty train my daughter that you should only have to potty train your first child and the rest should come out potty trained! ??? i used to teach preschool as well so I have seen every method under the sun! When I would tell parents about my method and they would try it (if their child was definitely ready) they were shocked at how little time it took!


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